Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A&R Exec Aaron Bay-Schuck on Renman Live

Aaron Bay-Schuck, President of A&R at Interscope/Geffen/A&M Records makes a return engagement to Renman Live on June 5th to talk about his new role as President of A&R at one of the top labels in the business. We'll talk about his current projects, take questions from our members and listen to some music submitted by independent artists looking for an honest evaluation from one of the top A&R guys around. Should be fun!

The Entrepreneurial Art of Licensing - Midem 2015

A generation of entrepreneurial music publishers is flourishing, building successful and innovative business models in today's ever adapting music publishing arena.  Listen to what they have to say about a range of licensing options that generate new income streams.
Benjamin Bailer, President, Globe Art Group (Germany/US/UK) @globeart
Edwin Cox, Managing & Creative Director, West One Music Group (UK) @edwincox
Jessica Ibgui, A&R/Creative Manager, Buddemusic (France)
Tommi Tuomainen, CEO, Elements Music (Finland)
Emmanuel Legrand, US Editor, Music Week (USA) @legrandnetwork

How MCN's Are Extending Their Reach - Midem 2015

In today’s very level digital playing field, you have to have an advantage to get the most value from your talent. If video is a big part of your revenue goals, affiliating with a Multi-Channel Network (MCN) has become mandatory to maximise your earnings from YouTube plays. Last year, we explored how MCN’s function, this edition of Midem, we will explore how MCN’s have matured, evolved and sharpened their efforts. They have become the power brokers in video. Come learn who the key players are, how they think and how to pick who is best for your career goals.

Darryl Ballantyne, Founder & CEO, LyricFind (Canada) @DBToronto
Alex Kisch, EVP, Business Development & Affairs, Vevo (USA)
Dana Shayegan, VP of Music, Collective Digital Studio (USA) @danashayegan
Ted Cohen, Managing Partner, TAG Strategic (USA) @spinaltap

The Essential Guide to Music Marketing - Midem 2015

What makes an exceptional music marketing campaign in 2015? This session highlights emerging trends from this year's shortlisted Midem Marketing Competition entries. Discover what game-changing techniques, insights and activations will redefine both music and marketing. Don't miss it.Speaker: Ruth Mortimer, Content Director, Centaur Marketing (UK)

Keynote: Doug Morris, Sony Music Entertainment - Midem 2015

Industry icon, CEO of Sony Music Entertainment and founder of Vevo, the world’s leading premium music video and entertainment platform, Doug Morris will share his insights on the lessons he has learned from his five decade-spinning career. Get inspired by his vision on the music industry and the challenges it is facing so as to get the most out of the business opportunities that it brings about.
Keynote Speaker:
Doug Morris, CEO, Sony Music Entertainment (USA)
Rupert Younger, Director, Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford (UK) @rupertyounger

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Max Landis on What Makes A Good Script In 2 Minutes

Thursday, June 19, 2014

WIN Calls YouTube's Decisions to Launch Streaming Service Without Independent Label Support "A Grave Error of Commercial Judgement"

London - June 18, 2014 - The Worldwide Independent Network (WIN), the organisation that represents the interests of the global independent music community, has issued a new statement further questioning the actions of YouTube as the Google owned company presses ahead with plans to block and "cull" the content of independent labels that do not sign up to a new music streaming agreement.

YouTube continues to issue content blocking threats to WIN's independent label members who refuse to sign what many labels are calling highly unfavourable, and non-negotiable terms, which undervalue existing rates in the marketplace from partners such as Spotify and Deezer. 

WIN was formed in 2006 to represent the global independent industry, which boasts the second largest global market share after Universal.

YouTube has announced plans to launch a new music streaming service later this summer. The service has apparently negotiated separate agreements with the three major labels - Sony, Warner and Universal - but according to WIN's membership has yet to reach any substantive agreement with the independent sector.

Alison Wenham, CEO of WIN said, "Put simply, by refusing to engage with and listen to the concerns of the independent music sector YouTube is making grave error of commercial judgment in misreading the market. We have tried and will continue to try to help YouTube understand just how important independent music is to any streaming service and why it should be valued accordingly. Music fans want a service that offers the complete range of music available. This is something that companies such as Spotify and Deezer do, both of whom have excellent relationships with the independent music sector. By not giving their subscribers access to independent music YouTube is setting itself up for failure.    We appreciate that a small number of independent labels may have their own reasons for agreeing to YouTube's terms, that is their prerogative, but they are very much in the minority. The vast majority of independent labels around the world are disappointed at the lack of respect and understanding shown by YouTube. We once again urge YouTube to come and talk to us."

About Worldwide Independent Music Industry Network

The Worldwide Independent Music Industry Network (WIN) is a global forum for the professional independent music industry. It was launched in 2006 in response to business, creative and market access issues faced by the independent sector everywhere. For independent music companies and their national trade associations worldwide, WIN is a collective voice. It also acts as an advocate, instigator and facilitator for its membership.

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